We know where your customers are but do you?
We understand that the needs of each company are different, and as such our project is very flexible to fit the requirements of each company. Once you join our project our consultants and a dedicated research team will work closely with you to clarify your requirements including the types of partners or customers that you are looking for and the markets you wish to develop. We log this information onto our research desk ensuring our researchers can identify the right partner for your company from our comprehensive in house database. And ensure that we are able to provide the full support and assistance your company needs to develop business across Central and Eastern Europe. This service is unique and will provide you with the best and most cost effective access to potential partners across Central and Eastern Europe. Each of our clients requirements is different and this and as such this service is designed to reflect the needs of each company which means no clients partner search is the same.


Knowing companies is one thing but do they know who you are?
Over the past 22 years, we have built up a good business relationship with key decision makers across Eastern Europe and have been closely following where funding and investment has been made in this region. This leaves us in a unique position to introduce your company to these key decision makers. We do this via our long established and well-received directory. Unlike other publications we do not have a static circulation. In other words each edition is customised to suit our clients appearing in it. This ensures that we will cover all buyers relevant to your company. The distribution is compiled from our own first hand knowledge of the region band crucially, we also closely follow investments into the region from the World Bank, EBRD, EIB and other financial institutions and target these companies accordingly.


The only all year round Trade Fair
Your company will be featured under the relevant section and in the appropriate product classifications on Global Commerce Eastern Europe's website: Companies are featured in a variety of ways from static presentations to corporate movies. Our site is extremely interactive and user-friendly and can only be accessed via registration which ensures that any company browsing your presentation will have an active interest in finding in partners and suppliers.


In order to discuss how best we can work for your company in developing business in Eastern Europe, please contact one of our consultants-

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