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Croatian Chamber of Economy

Croatia is a transitional country, at the same time both mid-European and Mediterranean. It is a country at the crossroads of larger European regions. Continental Croatia has borders with five countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina (932 km), Slovenia (501n km), Hungary (329 km), Serbia (241 km) and Montenegro (25 km). It has sea borders with Slovenia, Montenegro and Italy.

Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic

The Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic is an association of large, medium and small businesses in regional chambers and trade associations. The Chamber's main task is the support of entrepreneurial climate and development of trade and it focused most of its products and services on this task.

Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Hungary has proven in recent years that it is both politically secure and capable of achieving dynamic and balanced economic growth. Since the Nice summit we have known that accession to the European Union is drawing nearer day by day. Our current task is to co-operate with the Government as we prepare Hungarian entrepreneurs for membership of the European Union.

President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

When I speak to business executives from various parts of the world, they are often astonished at the sophistication and maturity of the Slovenian economy. Those with business ties to the country testify that Slovenian companies are stable and reliable partners that conduct business according to Western standards.


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