About Us

MIA Europe is part of the MIA Group a far reaching and comprehensive group of companies covering business development, consultancy, media, recruitment and publishing.

We at MIA Europe specialize in research, consultancy and partner search for the Central and East European market. We work with companies of all sizes ranging from small companies looking to take their first steps into exports to large corporations with an already established international presence. Our consultants and researchers have over 20 years experience in helping companies develop business in Central and Eastern Europe. Our UK head office has been operational in London since 1999. We also have a sales office in Bromley.

Over the years our service has changed dramatically to reflect the enormous business and political changes in the region until we have now reached a stage where we can provide our clients with a comprehensive, cost effective and successful service to find the right partner for your company. Our service duration will be for 12 months initially, with a view to a longer term plan.

Some of the clients that have benefitted form our expertise in the market include Alfa Laval, ABB, Gustavsberg, Daikin, Nokia, Siemens, NCR, Samsung plus many more smaller and medium sized companies.

Our service includes researching specific markets according to our customers needs. We can use our database and our sources in the market to identify a range of contacts, including distributors, agents and projects. We will also educate the market about our clients via a presentation on our website and CD Rom.

So unlike a trade show for a week or weekend, we will effectively present your company on a 12 month trade show directly to potential customers in Eastern Europe. Our in house research team will also qualify and filter enquiries, which save our clients a lot of time and energy.

MIA Europe is a major part of the MIA Group. However, within the MIA Group there are also other markets which focus on business development. These emerging markets include Brazil, India and China. A number of clients from the MIA Europe campaign have continued to use the MIA Group to develop their business in to these markets.

Through MIAATMS we are one of the few companies in the UK that can offer one to one promotions and advertising across up to 15,000 ATM machines in the UK.

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